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Filipino Nurses Hardest Hit in US

RM Ambrose/ October 6, 2020/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Nearly 70% of the nurses claimed by Covid are Filipino. According to statistics from the California Nurses Association Why are Filipino nurses dying at a higher rate? I’ve seen a number of compelling profiles of Filipino nurses in the US since a report came out on September 28 from the National Nurses United union. It said Filipinos make up only

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Racism: a Public Health Crisis

RM Ambrose/ June 6, 2020/ epidemic-pandemic, Uncategorized

Several US jurisdictions, in including San Bernardino County, California are preparing to vote on whether to declare racism a public health crisis, according to Popular Science. Will this help? Measuring and observation of a problem is important to see the impact, or lack of impact, that may or may not come from policy changes. However, race is a dimension included

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COVID-19 Infodemic

RM Ambrose/ February 22, 2020/ epidemic-pandemic

Embed from Getty Images Working as a leader on the communications team has its benefits. I’m often privy to information prior to it being released to the public. This isn’t because there’s some conspiracy to hide the truth. I’m not denying that Marketing and PR departments of any organization can be expected to try and “spin” the truth, to cast

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