Free Virtual Book Launch Event

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Join us for the free online event, via Zoom and Facebook Live! Sunday, March 27 from Noon to 1:30 pm PDT. We’ll have readings by David Brin, Tananarive Due, Eric Schwitzgebel, Justin C. Key, and more! Hear from authors from coast to coast and beyond! It’s an international event including writers from Czech Republic to California. The writers of all

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The Book Is Released!

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On this crisp New Year’s Eve in Southern California, the culmination of years of effort come to fruition. Vital: The Future of Healthcare is released! The book can now be bought at major retailers and local bookstores!

My Vaccine

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I had my doubts about getting the vaccine. It was developed and approved in record time. The FDA’s emergency approval process had never been done before, and this was an mRNA vaccine, an entirely new type. There were indications of political pressure on the CDC and other federal scientists to spin their messages to enhance Trump’s image. Still, there was

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Thanks to our backers!

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The anthology has funded on Kickstarter! We raised 115% of our goal for a total of $4,620! While this falls a little short of what we’ll need for a full-length book with an open call, we’ll keep trying to bridge that gap and look for creative ways to deliver a full-length and compelling book. We’ve even set up a Late

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Kickstarter Closeout Readings!

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A Celebration and Thank You! As a Thank You to our generous backers and to celebrate the anticipated successful funding, Inlandia Institute will host an online event with readings from several authors, each followed by a brief Q&A.  It’s a sneak peek/sample of what you’ll get in the anthology. Readings also give us a taste of audio fiction. So, invite

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Filipino Nurses Hardest Hit in US

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Nearly 70% of the nurses claimed by Covid are Filipino. According to statistics from the California Nurses Association Why are Filipino nurses dying at a higher rate? I’ve seen a number of compelling profiles of Filipino nurses in the US since a report came out on September 28 from the National Nurses United union. It said Filipinos make up only

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Reflections on Native American Day, COVID, Fires

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Yesterday was Native American Day (recognized here in Calif. and also in South Dakota), honoring their legacy and contributions. This year’s theme is “Healing Nations – Protecting Elders, Women, and Children.” Native Americans foster vibrant communities, but many also face serious challenges. Today I am thinking of the double impact of COVID and fires, on top of the existing obstacles

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2020 Kickstarter is Live!

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We’re off to a good start! The clock is ticking on Early Bird deals for the ebook and paperback (only available for 24 hours), and we’re already at 18% funded! So, go back the campaign today! We launched the campaign right on time this morning, and pledges quickly started coming in. The two top dollar rewards have even sold out!

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