Reflections on Native American Day, COVID, Fires

RM Ambrose/ September 26, 2020/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Yesterday was Native American Day (recognized here in Calif. and also in South Dakota), honoring their legacy and contributions. This year’s theme is “Healing Nations – Protecting Elders, Women, and Children.”

Native Americans foster vibrant communities, but many also face serious challenges. Today I am thinking of the double impact of COVID and fires, on top of the existing obstacles to healthcare and other resources.

Medicine also has a troubled history in Native communities. Additionally, and not to underplay the role of violence, the introduction of diseases was a major contributor to European conquest and the 90% decline in Native population by 1600. Statistics that are chilling today, and may have literally chilled the planet.

But Native American and First Nations writers are making vital contributions to Science Fiction today as well. The legacy and contributions of Indigenous Americans are not just in the past. They’re writing their own future.

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