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Relaunch Update

RM Ambrose/ September 2, 2020/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

You knew that Healthcare was important last year when you backed our Healthcare themed Science Fiction anthology on Kickstarter or signed up for the mailing list. But now, in the midst of a global pandemic made worse by those who reject scientific advice, we need this book more than ever. And now we’re almost ready — Just two more weeks!

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Racism: a Public Health Crisis

RM Ambrose/ June 6, 2020/ epidemic-pandemic, Uncategorized

Several US jurisdictions, in including San Bernardino County, California are preparing to vote on whether to declare racism a public health crisis, according to Popular Science. Will this help? Measuring and observation of a problem is important to see the impact, or lack of impact, that may or may not come from policy changes. However, race is a dimension included

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How to podcast

RM Ambrose/ May 27, 2020/ Uncategorized

Several Southern California newspapers on Sunday ran my piece, “How to make a podcast and why now might be the time to try.” Some might have paywalls, but others are free to read. San Bernardino Sun Press Enterprise Redlands Daily Facts Daily Bulletin

Fundraising Update – May 2020

RM Ambrose/ May 23, 2020/ Uncategorized

The pandemic has put many plans on hold for people this year. It’s been a challenging time for Kickstarters, and I’ve some great projects I’ve followed have had to cancel, or struggled to meet their goals. But, now more than ever, we need to think about healthcare. Our plans to re-launching the Kickstarter campaign are still in play. The budget

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COVID-19 Infodemic

RM Ambrose/ February 22, 2020/ epidemic-pandemic

Embed from Getty Images Working as a leader on the communications team has its benefits. I’m often privy to information prior to it being released to the public. This isn’t because there’s some conspiracy to hide the truth. I’m not denying that Marketing and PR departments of any organization can be expected to try and “spin” the truth, to cast

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New Tribal Health Program for Inland Empire

RM Ambrose/ December 7, 2019/ Uncategorized

US Rep. Pete Aguilar recently shared that the non-profit Riverside-San Bernardino County Indian Health, Inc. (RSBCIHI) will receive $720,000 from the Department of Justice to establish a services program for victims of crime. “Too often, our tribal communities aren’t granted the resources they need to access high-quality medical care, including mental health care. The establishment of a victims’ services program

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Take Heart

RM Ambrose/ November 14, 2019/ Uncategorized

Dear Friends –  We did not reach our funding goal by the deadline today, and I know some of you are very disappointed. Many people have spoken passionately to me about this project. It is hard to see it fall short. And I appreciated every single pledge, no matter the size. But this is not the end. I will take

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StarShipSofa Podcast

RM Ambrose/ November 13, 2019/ Uncategorized

Tony C. Smith talked up the anthology on the latest episode of StarShipSofa! Check out this great episode with an original story, “In Bocca,” by P.G. Streeter.  Find Episode 612 in your favorite podcast app, or listen online with ACast. Supporters of StarShipSofa get to hear the podcast a day early, and you can help the podcast produce more original

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PodCastle Podcast

RM Ambrose/ November 7, 2019/ Uncategorized

Hear Tina Connolly’s fantastic story, “The Two-Choice Foxtrot of Chapham County” in the November 5 episode of PodCastle. And thanks to our good friends at the podcast for plugging the anthology in the episode’s opening!