RM Ambrose has already put hundreds of dollars of his own money into this project, and the Marketing Team has donated thousands of dollars worth of professional services hours. The Seed Fund will allow the team to make media buys, do pay-per-click advertising, and other efforts to build awareness and ensure that the re-launched crowdfunding campaign will be successful.

Any additional donations above the goal will reduce the amount of money that needs to be raised by the crowdfunding campaign.

  • With $4,000, a chapbook anthology is guaranteed, and the crowdfunding campaign will focus on a full-length book and some exciting stretch goals.
  • If we raise $8,000, the full-length book is guaranteed.


Should the project fund, donors will be eligible for copies of the book (ebook worldwide or paperback available to US, Austrailia, UK donors) based on the level of donation. All donors will receive a free short story, and all donors over $15 will receive the Bookmark, which has already been printed. (Other rewards available when project fully funds).

  • $1 and up – Exclusive Short Story
  • $10 and up – eBook
  • $15 and up – Bookmark
  • $30 and up – Paperback

Unlike Kickstarter, direct donations are collected immediately and not eligible for refund. Also, these donations re not tax deductible.

Seed Fund Goals

We’re looking to raise at least $295 for marketing and promotion costs. Anything more reduces the Kickstarter campaign goal!