The Kickstarter was a success! We raised more than the minimum budget to publish a long-ish chapbook including all the authors mentioned on the campaign page. But we fell short of our first stretch goal, a full-length (80,000-word) anthology with an open call.

Why is an open call so important? Apart from creating opportunities for writers, an open call means fresh ideas from new and up-and-coming voices.

Beyond the paperback and eBook, we’d also love to raise enough for an audiobook. But one step at a time!


Donors will receive copies of the book (ebook worldwide or paperback available to US) based on the level of donation.

  • $1 and up – Exclusive Short Story
  • $11 and up – eBook
  • $28 and up – Paperback

Unlike Kickstarter, direct donations are collected immediately and not eligible for refund. Also, these donations re not tax deductible.

Funding Goal

We’re looking to raise at least $3100 additional funds for a full-length book.